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Garance Doré met Perla Servan Schreiber, writer and cook, inside her Parisian apartment. She talked about her beauty routine with Joëlle Ciocco Paris cosmetics.

What is your morning beauty routine? Any specific products you always use?

I do some nice stretches in my bed before getting up. Coffee. I brush my hair.
I spritz my face in the morning with La Roche Posay spring water.
I brush my teeth for a long time (2 to 3 minutes) with an electric toothbrush.
I cleanse my face with Joëlle Ciocco Lotion Lactée on a cotton round and press it to my face with both hands so I can enjoy the scent of the lotion and the sensation of freshness as much as possible, to get all the benefits from it.
After drinking hot water with ginger, lime and honey, I go out to walk with my little dog for an hour.
When I get back, more coffee. Meditation. Hot shower, cold shower.
I use Seasonly daycream on my face and Joëlle Ciocco Body Oil (being reformulated) on my body, with a spritz of Habanita de Molinard eau de toilette.

What is your nighttime beauty routine?

Joëlle Ciocco Lait Onctueux Capital, Lotion Lactée, Seasonly night oil, and I always brush my hair.”

Read her full story on Atelier Doré.

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