The Double Cleansing

Forty years ago, I formulated the Double Cleansing technique – an essential step in your beauty routine to rid your skin of toxins accumulated daily, allow it to breathe and activate the natural anti-aging presents in the skin flora.

What is Double Cleansing?

Double Cleansing consists in cleaning your face twice only at night with one of my cleanser that suits the needs of your skin.

First step : Clean your face in order to get rid of all the make-up, sun protection products and urban pollution that have accumulated on you skin all day long and rinse it with clear water.

Second step : Repeat the first step to clean your skin directly on the membrane. Rinse again and  wipe your face with a cotton handkerchief. Then, apply your Perfective Lotion, the nutritional lotion on the evening to perfect your cleaning.

« Et voilà », you just made your Double Cleansing Joelle Ciocco Paris.

And in the morning ?

In the morning, we never clear our skin, we only purify it ! It is a current mistake in the beauty routine of many of you.

During the night and after you made your Double Cleansing, your skin ecosystem is going to regenerate to create natural defenses. If you clean your skin in the morning you will just ruin the efforts your skin produced during the night and attack the « shield » which will make your skin even more vulnerable against external agressions.

At the awakening, I advice you to use a purifying lotion as the Botanical Lotion to remove sweat or sebum.

Why does Double Cleansing is the first anti-aging step?

It allows to optimise the oxygenation and the hydration of your skin which are two essential factors to its youth.

I mean that feeding its skin with oxygen is crucial for the proper functioning of the skin tissue because it promotes the elimination of toxins that are responsible of the aging.

Despite oxygenation, the hydrolipidic layer – the natural « shield » of the skin, is maintained thanks to a good hydration that gives it its water balance and slow down its aging.

At Joëlle Ciocco Paris, we treat the signs of aging with benevolence, our goal is not to irradiate your wrinkles but to reduce them so that they evolve in harmony with your face. Far from the scalpel, Double Cleansing is a sensory ritual involving smell, touch and olfactory.

There is no age for Double Cleansing!

The Double Cleansing is a moment of relaxation that we offer ourselves each evening in front of our mirror and there is no age for that! I advise my clients to share a few drops of their facial cleanser with their teens. Even if they do not wear makeup, they are – like you and me – in contact with extrinsic factors such as pollution or bacteria that disrupt their cutaneous microbiota. Nothing like a Double Cleansing to find a baby’s skin!

You should be aware of the fact that I formulated my cleansers to clean the face twice. Not one, not three but two times! If you make Double Cleansing with another cleanser than mine, you may rush your skin and weaken it.

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