Lait Onctueux Capital

Le nettoyant doux
The gentle cleanser


Formula with over 88% natural origin

Urban life disrupts your skin microbiome and disarms its natural defenses. Result: your skin’s ecosystem is disturbed. The LAIT ONCTUEUX CAPITAL is essential as an ultra-gentle cleanser for all skin types. Each time I apply it to my skin, I can only appreciate its exceptional gentleness in cleansing, the sensuality of its touch, its soothing sensoriality, it even satisfies delicate skins like mine.

Joƫlle Ciocco shares her skincare experiences:

“This was the first product we formulated with my extreme demands for the primary care, Cleansing, and for 20 years, it has proven its performance and has become iconic for the most demanding who seek perfect cleanliness, gently for their skin. To clarify the skin surface soothingly, I chose Neroli oil and pure Orange Blossom water, symbols of gentleness, and I combined Calendula, Horsetail, and Arnica, inevitable herbaceous promoters for their wonderful activities.”

Our cleansers are made in small quantities to ensure the maximum efficiency of their active ingredients.

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80ML - 120ML