Épidermologie® x Naturopathy: a unique concept

Naturopath at the Joëlle Ciocco Paris Care Center, Aurélie Saint-Lèbe reveals the origin and objectives of her profession as well as the unique concept combining Epidermologie® and naturopathy that she created with Joëlle Ciocco herself.

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Aurélie Saint-Lèbe, I am a Martinique woman of 28 years living in Paris for 5 years and practicing naturopathy and Épidermologie® at the Joëlle Ciocco Paris Care Center.

Can you tell us a little more about your career?

After a scientific baccalaureate, I started my first year of medicine. Unfortunately, I did not pursue this course and reoriented myself towards a law academic career. So I got my law degree 3 years later… During my studies, I also worked as a model. Not wishing to register for a master’s degree in law, I took the path of the medical field and started naturopathy.

Through naturopathy, I have found a comprehensive approach to health prevention that allows me to help people through gentle techniques and healthy lifestyle settings. My modeling career having opened the doors of the world of beauty, I offered my naturopath services to the popess of the skin: Mrs. Joëlle Ciocco. Together we have created a unique concept combining global lifestyle and cosmetic hygiene for a more holistic vision at the service of the epidermis.

Can you explain what naturopathy is?

Naturopathy is considered as the world’s third traditional medicine. It is a synthesis of natural methods in the service of health. The whole thing is to understand how the person works because each human body has a different mechanism of action with advantages and disadvantages.

Faced with these disadvantages, the work of naturopaths is to strengthen the vital force of the body so that it can defend itself and heal spontaneously with the help of various hygiene measures such as sports, dietetics, thalassotherapy… combined with the consumption of natural agents.

In short, naturopathy aims to restore optimal health.

Why is this alliance between naturopathy and Épidermologie® unique?

The work of the epidermologist is closely linked to that of the naturopath since this one shifts his clients towards various measures of hygiene and well-being such as massages. As the assets listed by the naturopath, the Cares provided at the Joëlle Ciocco Paris Center are made with natural and organic cosmetics.

In a nutshell, the naturopath and the epidermologist both have a role of educator: one concerning the overall health and the other the health of the skin.

For which results?

The naturopath and the epidermologist do not pretend to be psychologists but the skin is the reflection of our emotions, hence the proverb “well in our skin, well in our head”.

Thus, the naturopath makes internal adjustments on the body while the epidermologist exercises external adjustments with the help of his massages and especially adapted cosmetic advices.

By regulating food hygiene, cosmetic hygiene and lifestyle, the naturopathy / Épidermology® combination improves and optimizes your skin genetics so that it is healthy and glowy.

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