a unique know-how based on 4 foundations



Understanding the unique functions of the cutaneous flora of each of us.


Cutaneous breathing

Cutaneous breathing that eliminates toxins out of your cutaneous flora.



Knowing and adaptating the adequate cosmetic supplements which will act as allies of your cutaneous flora.



Resilience of your cutaneous flora in order to re-create the base of your
natural anti aging capacity.

From your birth you have a cutaneous flora consisting of good and bad bacteria lying on the surface and in the superficial layers of your epidermis and forming a complex ecosystem. All are necessary for a healthy balance.

With time, intrinsic, as your skin loses its acidity with age, and extrinsic, city pollution, but also your cosmetics’ use deregulate this cutaneous flora leading to the developement of bad bacteria, disparition of good bacteria and disturbance of skin breathing.

As a result, no more natural anti aging, leading to bad toxins elimination, dehydration, redness, taut skin, skin imperfections and dull complexion, etc.

The secret to a radiant skin lies in its ability to breathe in order to eliminate toxins !

Train your skin resilience to its primary mission, in order to protect the natural cutaneous flora : that is why I created Epidermologie®.

Thanks to the adequate cosmetics and cutomized treatments Epidermologie® activates the natural anti aging existing in the layers of your cutaneous tissues and guarantees you a radiant and healthy skin.

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