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“May – off we go to the garden”, like you, I am not convinced by this seasonal saying this year. Just look out the window to gaze at the gray, rainy sky. And yet, summer is approaching. And who says “summer” says… SPF! I can not repeat enough the importance of sunscreens throughout the year to avoid the risk of sunburn, stains, allergies and premature skin aging. But this is not the subject of the day… As it rhymes with sports too. And yes, the “bikini bodysuit season” is announced!

What are the benefits of sport for the skin?

Pilates, tennis, swimming… If my clients do not wait for the summer to train, it is during this period that they strengthen their efforts.

Real need for a beautiful skin, sport allows to obtain a better oxygenation and to activate the detox of the body by evacuating the toxins which pollute it.

When you make an effort, you secrete sweat allowing your pores to unclog the impurities, to eliminate the dead cells, to activate the microcirculation in order to produce a better irrigation and an optimal nutrition of the cutaneous tissues.

Above all, sweating helps to alleviate excess body acidity and restore optimum pH.

Naturally acidic, it is unbalanced or altered by external aggressions causing changes in skin type: drier or more oily skin. The skin barrier function is also modified: the skin is less well protected.

In other words, you can do all the cures of the world, the sport will remain your best ally for a balanced pH and a smooth skin, glowy and hydrated.

Beautiful in your body, well in your head

For me, sport is more than a discipline, it awakens my spirituality. After my two hours of pool weekly my ideas are clearer, my creativity is amplified, my “joie de vivre” is intense and I am zen. Because the imbalance between sympathetic nervous system (which pushes to act) and parasympathetic (which promotes relaxation) caused by a lack of sleep or a backbreaking work causes visible stress on the skin: dark spots, exema, acne … Whatever your sporting activity, practice helps you to decompress and the result is also visible on your skin.

Adapted cosmetics

To accompany your physical exercises, I formulated cosmetics adapted to all skin types.

Before a workout, I advise you to tap a few drops of the Thermoregulatory Lotion on your face, it will regulate its temperature during the session and control the production of salts contained in your sweat. These salts dry your skin membrane and lead to a loss of water causing premature skin aging and inflammation, hence the importance of maintaining the acidity of the skin with the Thermoregulatory Lotion. Then apply a finger of Apricot Ointment, my “nomadic”  Oil-cerate. It is suitable for the face, body and hair.

But if you do a water sport like me, your skin requires a richer product such as the Blossom Cerate. This dermo-guard cerate-oil will form an insulating shield protecting your epidermis from chlorine and other harmful particles.

Little tip: it is perfect to maintain the hydration of the skin when you are subject to air conditioning (gym, travel, office …).

As you understood, sweat is a natural physiological process allowing the regulation of our organism in order to obtain a better holistic health.

But this is not to keep this exsuda on the skin, so it is essential to shower after a workout. To do so, I formulated All-in-one Cleanser for everyone: it cleans the body, face and hair. The best for the minimalist!

Finally, it is important to reiterate the beginning of this “sports” protocol by applying again the Thermoregulatory Lotion followed by the Apricot Ointment or the Blossom Cerate which will bring vitality and light to your face.

There you go ! Sport will no longer be a chore with my beauty protocol.

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