A glowy complexion at all costs!

The quest for glow is something we all seek. And for good reason, having a luminous complexion reflects a health of iron and magnifies the features of the face. Who has ever dreamed of having a dull complexion?
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Unfortunately, a cold winter and an unhealthy lifestyle are enough to obscure your features. Stress, pollution, temperature variations … You are not immune to internal and external factors that affect the quality of your skin texture. No worries: to any problem its solution!

With the help of my scientific team, I formulated different cosmetics to brighten your face and meet this growing demand. You will find among them my nutritious oils & cerates, concentrates of pure active ingredients that optimize the natural defenses of your skin while giving it an amazing sensory experience.

First step: Double Cleansing

Before applying these jewels, be sure to make the Double-Cleansing! I will never repeat enough that cosmetics are not effective if your skin is not perfectly purified beforehand. The Lait Onctueux Capital is ideal for this important step. The gorgeous Natalie Portman has understood it! She applies it every night accompanied by the Botanical Lotion Aromatique: a real shot of vitamins to face the red carpets.

Second step: Oxygenation

You can also put some drops of Oxyclear, a brightening serum ultra concentrated in hibiscus and vegetable glycerin that oxygenates your skin. The penetration of the assets contained in the oils & cerates will be all the more profound.

Third step: The Epitome of glowy

Apricot Ointment (being reformulated) and Précieux Cérat are the must-have to revive your complexion. When you apply them, their oil-cerate / cerate-oil textures gently melt on your face and deliver hints of passion fruit, damask roses or apricot … Each of them has different properties: Apricot Ointment is protective while Blossom Cerate nourishes your skin deeply.

Dry skin or oily skin, it does not matter, these signature cosmetics are suitable for all skin types.

Farewell artificial illuminators and other superfluous cosmetics and hello the glow signed Joëlle Ciocco…!

The essential cosmetics for a glowy complexion

Double Cleansing

Huile-Cire & Cire-Huile

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Cher.e ami.e,

C’est avec une immense gratitude que je m’adresse à vous.
Votre confiance et votre patience durant cette période ont été le phare qui a guidé notre équipe à travers ce moment de renaissance.
Votre soutien indéfectible m'a insufflée courage et force dans ce défi de réouverture.

Maintenant, vous pouvez retrouver 13 de nos produits ici-même ou au centre de soins Joëlle Ciocco Paris.

Nous sommes à l'œuvre, avec passion et l’honneur d'être à votre service, pour vous présenter dans les mois à venir, notre gamme complète de soins. Chaque formule a été réalisée avec une attention méticuleuse pour assurer vos attentes, tout en respectant notre engagement envers l’excellence et la qualité.

Nous vous invitons à (re)découvrir nos classiques et à rester connecté pour les lancements à venir.

Merci encore, du fond du cœur,

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Dear friend,

It is with immense gratitude that I address you.
Your trust and patience during this period have been the beacon that guided our team through this moment of rebirth.
Your unwavering support has given me courage and strength in the challenge of reopening.
Now, you can find 13 of our products here or at the Joëlle Ciocco Paris care center.

We are at work, with passion and the honor of serving you, to present you in the coming months, our complete range of care. Each formula has been made with meticulous attention to ensure your expectations are met while respecting our commitment to excellence and quality.

We invite you to (re)discover our classics and to stay connected for upcoming launches.

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart,

Joëlle Ciocco