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The hydrolysed soy protein

Our naturopath Aurélie Saint-Lèbe gives you the benefits of hydrolysed soy protein, one of the ingredient contained in the Thermoregulatory Lotion, the “must-have” cosmetic for this summer.

What is hydrolysed soy protein?

The hydrolysed soy protein is a hydrolysis reaction that can convey peptides to give it regenerating, moisturizing and nourishing.

I decided to add this active ingredient to the composition of the Thermoregulatory Lotion to regulate your skin disturbed by hot temperatures, perspiration and sunscreens.

Where is it grown?

From China, this leguminous plant is produced in Asia and especially in the Americas, Brazil and Argentina. These produce more than 80% of the world’s production, the best soya remaining that grown under the organic standard.

It is a 100% natural active ingredient that you will find in numerous of my cosmetics GMO-free.

What are its benefits on the skin?

The hydrolysed soy protein protects and repairs the skin through the antioxidant effects of isoflavones. On the one hand, they act against photo aging by arming the skin against oxidative stress induced by UVB rays.

On the other hand, they help reduce the damage caused by the sun on the skin by promoting cell renewal, reducing the thickness of the epidermis and roughness of the skin.

Thanks to its stimulating action on the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen, the hydrolysed soy protein also acts on the wrinkles, fine lines and the elasticity of the skin.

As an alternative to what artificial, chemical process?

There is no artificial or chemical alternative to hydrolysed soy protein.

How to consume it other than by dermal route?

The hydrolyzed soy protein contains most of the benefits of unprocessed soy. They are complete proteins in the same way as animal proteins. It can be interesting as part of a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Small tip… Hydrolyzed soy protein is a substitute for egg white when you make cakes for example.

Shop the “must-have” Lotion of this summer made with based on hydrolysed soy protein…

Thermoregulatory Lotion

95% of natural origin ingredients

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Mes ami.es,

Le lundi 11 mai 2020, les portes de mon Centre de Soins rouvriront.
Vous le savez, ma philosophie de peau est intimement liée à son hygiène.
Par conséquent mon établissement a toujours été soumis à des normes strictes :
port de masques pendant les soins du visage, nettoyage des cabines systématique entre chaque
client et stérilisation du matériel, protection à usage unique des sièges, lavage des mains avant,
pendant et après chaque soin…
Aujourd’hui, nous redoublerons d’efforts pour votre sécurité et la nôtre.

Soins du visage :

Votre accueil se fera directement en pièce afin de réduire au strict minimum les déplacements à
l’intérieur du centre.

Cosmétiques :

Comme à son habitude vous pourrez vous procurer nos cosmétiques à la réception. Au besoin, le
conseil se fera dans les pièces des épidermologues.
Aussi, les commandes peu
Des gels hydroalcooliques seront mis à votre dispositions et les poignées, sonnettes et tout autre
élément du quotidien seront systématiquement désinfectés après votre passage.
Enfin j’ai décidé d’aménager les horaires d’ouverture qui se feront du lundi au vendredi de 10h à
Pour celles et ceux qui ne pourraient pas se déplacer, mon e-shop reste ouvert 24 heures sur 24,
7 jours du 7 : www.joelle-ciocco.com
Dans l’attente de vous retrouver.

Joëlle Ciocco

My dear friends,

On May 11th, 2020, my Care Center will reopen.
As you know, my skin philosophy is closely linked to its hygiene.
Therefore, my institution has always been subject to strict standards:
wearing masks during facial treatments, systematic cabin cleaning and sterilization of
equipment between each client, disposable seat protection, hand washing before, during
and after each treatment, etc.
Today, we will strengthen our efforts for your safety and ours.

Facial treatments:

You will be greeted directly in the skin treatment room in order to minimize walks within
the center.


As usual, our cosmetics will be available for purchase at the reception desk.
If necessary, your epidermiologist will advise you in her treatment room.
Hydro-alcoholic gels will be at your disposal and the handles, bells and every other
element you might have touched will be systematically disinfected after your visit.
Finally, I decided to reorganize the opening hours which will be Monday to Friday from
10am to 18pm.
For those who could not come, my e-shop remains open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:
I look forward to see you again.

Joëlle Ciocco