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“To rebalance her skin after this quarantine, Jeanne Damas remains loyal to the famous epidermologist Joëlle Ciocco. Visit her at Place de la Madeleine in Paris for a personalized treatment.

Used to Joëlle Ciocco’s brightening serum, Oxyclear for her skincare routine at home, Jeanne Damas is taking advantage of the reopening of Joëlle Ciocco Paris Care Center to offer her skin more complete comfort. During the quarantine, the skin has been stressed out. The solution for Jeanne Damas? Pamper her skin microbiota with Joëlle Ciocco’s “Antipollution treatment” during which, depending on the main deficiency, the epidermologist adapts her treatment: depollution, extractions and nutrition after a complete diagnosis. Let’s focus on this personalized treatment that meets the expectations and needs of the skin at the moment.

The 8 stages of Joëlle Ciocco’s Antipollution treatment:

Step 1: The Epidermologist carries out a complete skin diagnosis, finds out the beauty routine and the needs of the skin.
Step 2: The iconic Double Cleansing by Joelle Ciocco is performed during which a few tips are passed on to, so people can practice it well at home with a suitable Cleanser depending on the issue: imperfections, sensitivity, dryness…
Step 3: Depending on the skin type, an extract is applied on the entire face.
Step 4: The Epidermologist treats the skin to prepare it to receive oils.
Step 5: This is the most pleasant part, a personalized massage with cold-extracted pure oils, cools the skin according to its needs.
Step 6: If necessary after the massage, the imperfections are removed.
Step 7: A Mask is applied to calm, nourish and soothe the skin at the end of the treatment.
Step 8: In order to extend the benefits of the treatment, the Epidermologist establishes a personalized protocol.
Result? The skin is detoxified and ready to renew its immune defenses.

That little extra thing?

For the most urban skins who want to stay home, Joëlle Ciocco created an antipollution mask, whose unique association of four oligo elements with vivifying and anti-inflammatory effects gives an immediate radiance boost. For the others? The skin care expert for over 40 years has set up a personalized skin diagnosis platform: Skin Weather by Joëlle Ciocco! Through a very precise online survey, you indicate all your habits: living environment, stress, exposure to the sun, food, tobacco, coffee, etc… For free, you obtain your most recommended morning and evening beauty routine for your skin with the type of products you ideally want in your vanity (drugstore type, beauty shop, retail store, designers, organic brand and Joëlle Ciocco). This goes in hand with good beauty gestures to practice.

Long story short, you just want to urgently renew your skincare routine and lock yourself in your bathroom between two appointments in the Care Center!

Joëlle Ciocco – Facial Care Center – 8 place de la Madeleine, Paris 8th

Antipollution Treatment” Joëlle Ciocco Paris, 1h15, 390 euros”

jeanne damas
Jeanne Damas & Christiane
her Epidermologist

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