Multi-cleanser for face, hair and body
      92% of natural origin ingredients

      15 years ago, one of my friend went on a backpack trip to Cambodia. Having a sensitive skin, this man could only travel light. I formulated All in One Cleanser, a multi-cleanser for face, hair and body. I selected micro capsules containing Wheat Germ and Avocado oil extracts. When in…


      Protecting Oil-Cerate
      99% of natural origin ingredients

      Imagine two glasses of water placed in the desert. One of them is covered with an oil film. The oil covered glass will keep its water and the other one will be empty and the water totally evaporated. The same is happening on your skin, this is why I created…


      Nourishing Cerate-Oil
      99% of natural origin ingredients

      Flying, riding by train or car, together with climate changes strongly disturb your cutaneous flora. To help you, I created Blossom Cerate, an oil cerate that deeply nourishes your skin ecosystem to optimize its natural protection. An hybrid mix of Cassie essential Oil, Narcissus, Damascus Rose and Centifolia with Apricot…


      Sensual body care
      98% of natural origin ingredients

      Nothing is more unpleasant than feeling your skin rough and loose. Against this inconveniences, I developed the Crème Riche that softly melts on your skin to offer a sensual and nutritious veil of care. Its rich and voluptuous texture has been enriched with a vegetable wax complex that corrects lipid deficiencies…


      Detox serum
      87% of natural origin ingredients

      During the day your skin gathers toxins causing imperfections, tired and dull complexion. The key is to directly act on internal and external breathing cutaneous exchanges. I formulated this gel textured serum, Violet scented which slides on your skin like silk. Enriched with Ulva Lactuca, a Japanese seaweed, Hyaluronic Acid…


      Repairing serum
      100% of natural origin ingredients

      Oily skin and dry skin produce toxins that cause permanent inflammation such as drought, redness, sensitivities and even imperfections when not eliminated. I developed the Elixir Divin just for you. This is the perfect nutritive serum for skin with daily discomforts. I choose to use glycerin extracts and cinnamon essential…


      Anti-aging cream
      86% of natural origin ingredients

      When you become an adult you may offer your skin a top anti-aging care. I see that with age, cellular growth slows down and face tonicity weakens, and quite often also your morale. That is why I created Energizing Cream, an energetic anti-aging care to fight time clock. A unique…


      Eye and lip contour
      94% of natural origin ingredients

      Muscles around your eyes and lips move constantly causing a rapidly aging effect on those fragile areas. I created Eyelisse, a fluid liposome gel emulsion with strong anti-inflammatory effect formulated with Arnica, Ginkgo Biloba to diminish and brighten up dark circles and puffy eyes and plump your lip contour. Perfect…


      Purifying Cleanser
      99% of natural origin ingredients

      Skin imperfections drag you down before heading to work or going out for a date.  But did you know that the first gesture to reduce this inconvenience is to work on your skin flora (these good and bad bacterias living on skin surface) using the right cleanser?  With my team of…


      Purifying mask
      85% of natural origin ingredients

      Skin imperfection are the result of an unbalanced cutaneous flora unable to get rid of accumulated toxins. To fight this I created Heat Mask which will immediately detoxify your skin, boost its breathing and activate its natural immunity. Composition is mainly based on Tolu Paste, a plant active, a resin…


      Body oil cleanser
      98.5% of natural origin ingredients

      Shower is one of the most enjoyable moments of the day except for your body when you use an unadapted cleanser. Many of those disrupt the natural protection of your body and create irritations and dryness. I developed the Huile Nettoyante to free your skin from impurities and to wrap…


      Body tanning enhancer
      97% of natural origin ingredients

      Lay in the sun – with an indispensable sunscreen – and having a divine tan is one of your favorite pleasures. This tanned complexion makes you look good and boosts your morale. What more ? Maybe extend this tanning as long as possible. I developed this satin finish Oil to repair…


      Anti-aging eye and lip contour
      98% of natural origin ingredients

      Joy, sadness, anger, surprise … The story of your life is also the story of your skin. And the first areas to be affected are those around your eyes and lips. Over time, they mark and lose their natural density. This is a normal phenomenon. Associated with a polluted urban…


      Emulsion of light
      98% of natural origin ingredients

      During my facial skin-care routine, I noticed that some very dry skin – dehydrated, rough and discomforting – was sorely lacking in light and vitality. In addition to a dull complexion effect, this type of skin is much more fragile because of environmental aggressions such as pollution, cold, wind, UV…


      Detox essence
      98% of natural origin ingredients

      Do you cleanse your face in the morning? If so, it’s a red card from Joëlle Ciocco Paris. Why ? Since you have respected the Double Cleansing routine in the evening, your skin only requires purification when the morning comes. During your sleep, a tremendous biodiversity is formed on your…


      Rich essential
      92% of natural origin ingredients

      I often joke about Lotion Lactée being my iconic Lotion, as is the Kelly bag for Hermès. For 40 years, it has been the essential of your cosmetic wardrobe, a beauty secret transmitted from mother to daughter, from friend to friend, from Joëlle Ciocco Paris skincare to you. Today, I…


      Complexion correcting treatment
      99% of natural origin ingredients

      Whether they are genetic, sun-related, scarring or due to your age, the brown spots that appear on your face are not irremediable things. To prevent and fight these disorders I formulated Mat Reverser: a complexion correcting treatment. I chose young shoots of watercress that I encapsulated in liposomes so that…


      Brightening serum
      90% of natural origin ingredients

      You often find your complexion dull. Oxyclear is a brightening serum that makes your skin look radiant. Highly concentrated in Hibiscus and plant Glycerin, Oxyclear restores and strengthens the natural defenses of your skin shield. A very specific serum, both in its internal and external action, that keeps your skin…


      Regenerating mask
      87% of natural origin ingredients

      With the multiplication of cosmetic brands, many of you have tried many different things leading to weakening of your cutaneous flora. After 4 years of research I formulated this ultra oxygenating and regenerating Propolis Mask. An ultra rich composition of Propolis to strengthen and sustain your skin ecosystem with its…


      Preventive anti-aging cream
      90% of natural origin ingredients

      Before 40, city life is restless for you skin ecosystem. Urban pollution, stress, tobacco, alcohol  asphyxiate your cutaneous membrane and alter its natural anti aging capacities. To help you I created Protective Energizing Factor. With its soft texture this cream boosts your cutaneous flora shield against daily aggressions. A unique…


      Moisturizing cream
      92% of natural origin ingredients

      Even healthy balanced skins need protection and hydration. I created Protective Moisturizing Factor for them. An ultralight emulsion voluptuously Rose and Geranium scented. For its benefits I used a Japanese seaweed Ulva Lactuca, an organic silicium and Avocado oil to stimulate the water reservoir of your cutaneous shield. These three…


      Regenerating serum

      Pollution and non adapted cosmetics disturb your cutaneous flora causing allergies and inflammations. Daily your skin feels uncomfortable (redness, itching and dry feeling). I formulated Pure Botanical Oils Gel to help your skin membrane : the quintessence of a regenerating action serum that fuses instantly with your face to provide a…


      Purifying cream
      88% of natural origin ingredients

      The imperfections appearing on your face come from an imbalance of your cutaneous flora which accumulates toxins without being able to protect or eliminate them. To fight this imbalance I formulated Rebalancer. A fluid cream to boost skin defenses and maintain its physiological balance thanks to Centella Asiatica and Horsetail.…


      360° cream
      94% of natural origin ingredients

      Pollution is the most devitalizing factor for your cutaneous flora. As time flies, pollution unbalances natural protecting cells causing accelerated aging and a dull, dry and irritated skin. To protect and help you,  I created 360° Cream, a must for urban people with sensitive skin. 360° Cream includes preventing, antipollution,…


      Regenerating cleanser
      89% of natural origin ingredients

      City life disturbs your cutaneous flora and endanger its natural defenses causing an unbalanced skin ecosystem. To fight this imbalance, I formulated Sensitive Cleansing Milk suited for all skin types. By respecting your cutaneous flora this cleansing milk brings all necessary supplements to strengthen your defenses and boost its natural…


      Light nourishing cream
      94% of natural origin ingredients

      Some skins are most sensitive than others and it is no secret. For those I formulated Sensitive Skin Cream, an ultra light nourishing cream without greasy feeling. Isn’t it cool ? Ideal for fragile, sensitive and deficient skins. For its formula I chose Shea Butter, first pressed Jojoba, Soft Almond and…


      Anti-aging serum
      97% of natural origin ingredients

      As you age your skin needs specific supplements. The different stresses either internal or external disturb your skin ecosystem. Serial Booster acts as a supreme anti aging serum. Formulated with Iris, and Carnicine, Serial Booster boosts your skin tonicity and regenerates your cells also acting on small lines. Ready to…


      High nutrition body care
      98% of natural origin ingredients

      Sunburns, unsuited body cleansers, overly aggressive scrubs, and vitamin deficiencies are all factors that weaken the epidermis of your body and cause flaking, wilting, blemishes and redness. First high nutrition serum for the body, this treatment contains high concentration of natural vitamins A, E and D which contribute to lastingly…

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