Lotion Aromatique

L'essence pure
Pure essence


Formula with over 98% natural origin

I introduce you to my experiences, my research for solutions, my observations, a wealth of information on the skin terrain.

The skin flora really exists as a beautiful defense weapon; it is constituted in an environment conducive to not disturbing it too much. It’s logical, what better way, for example, during your sleep, than for a formidable biodiversity to form on your face to create a powerful natural protective shield.

So, you’ve done your Joëlle Ciocco’s Double Cleansing in the evening, you get a clean skin and you go to sleep. In the morning, put water on your face: from the shower, sprayer, or mineral water, you have the choice. Then, my advice is to preserve your natural flora. I suggest using this preparation, “Lotion Aromatique”, an ultra-fresh cocktail combining oligosaccharides with brewer’s yeast and an infusion of white tea and thyme, to remove your night’s exudate without altering your natural protection.

I have solved many Skin problems with this protocol.

Our lotions are made in small quantities to ensure the maximum efficiency of their active ingredients.

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