Lotion Aromatique

L'essence pure
Pure essence


Formula with over 98% natural origin

The skin flora truly exists as a beautiful defense mechanism, forming in an environment conducive to minimal disturbance. What could be better, for example, than during your sleep, when a wonderful biodiversity forms on your face to create a powerful natural protective shield? 

After your Joëlle Ciocco Double Cleansing in the evening, your skin is clean and you head to bed. When you wake up in the morning, splash some water on your face: from the shower, a spritzer, or mineral water, the choice is yours. Then, to preserve your natural flora, Joëlle Ciocco suggests using this preparation: the «Aromatic Lotion,» an ultra-fresh cocktail combining oligosaccharides with brewer’s yeast, white tea extract, and a thyme infusion, to remove your nighttime exudates without compromising your natural protection. 

Joëlle Ciocco has solved numerous skin problems with this protocol. 

Our lotions are made in small quantities to ensure the maximum efficiency of their active ingredients.

Applicable on the eye contour.

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