Your beauty routine would not be perfect if you did not apply a mask once or twice a week. Their specificities complement my cosmetics' action.
Don't they represent the relaxing time you require for yourself ?


      Purifying mask
      85% of natural origin ingredients

      Skin imperfection are the result of an unbalanced cutaneous flora unable to get rid of accumulated toxins. To fight this I created Heat Mask which will immediately detoxify your skin, boost its breathing and activate its natural immunity. Composition is mainly based on Tolu Paste, a plant active, a resin…


      Regenerating mask
      87% of natural origin ingredients

      With the multiplication of cosmetic brands, many of you have tried many different things leading to weakening of your cutaneous flora. After 4 years of research I formulated this ultra oxygenating and regenerating Propolis Mask. An ultra rich composition of Propolis to strengthen and sustain your skin ecosystem with its…


      Antipollution mask
      85% of natural origin ingredients

      As you know, I work continuously to fight urban pollution causing dull complexion, dark spots, poor scar healing and enlarged pores. To prevent this I created Thermal Blossom Mask. With my team I selected the most active components to produce a unique mix of four oligo elements with vivifying and…

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