Just as you wear clothes to protect your body.
I created these creams as musts of your cosmetic wardrobe.
Day or night they guarantee a balanced and healthy skin.


      Anti-aging cream

      When you become an adult you may offer your skin a top anti-aging care. I see that with age, cellular growth slows down and face tonicity weakens, and quite often also your morale. That is why I created Energizing Cream, an energetic anti-aging care to fight time clock. A unique…


      Complexion correcting treatment
      99% of natural origin ingredients

      Whether they are genetic, sun-related, scarring or due to your age, the brown spots that appear on your face are not irremediable things. To prevent and fight these disorders I formulated Mat Reverser: a complexion correcting treatment. I chose young shoots of watercress that I encapsulated in liposomes so that…


      Preventive anti-aging cream
      90% of natural origin ingredients

      Before 40, city life is restless for you skin ecosystem. Urban pollution, stress, tobacco, alcohol  asphyxiate your cutaneous membrane and alter its natural anti aging capacities. To help you I created Protective Energizing Factor. With its soft texture this cream boosts your cutaneous flora shield against daily aggressions. A unique…


      Moisturizing cream
      92% of natural origin ingredients

      Even healthy balanced skins need protection and hydration. I created Protective Moisturizing Factor for them. An ultralight emulsion voluptuously Rose and Geranium scented. For its benefits I used a Japanese seaweed Ulva Lactuca, an organic silicium and Avocado oil to stimulate the water reservoir of your cutaneous shield. These three…


      Purifying cream
      88% of natural origin ingredients

      The imperfections appearing on your face come from an imbalance of your cutaneous flora which accumulates toxins without being able to protect or eliminate them. To fight this imbalance I formulated Rebalancer. A fluid cream to boost skin defenses and maintain its physiological balance thanks to Centella Asiatica and Horsetail.…


      360° cream
      94% of natural origin ingredients

      Pollution is the most devitalizing factor for your cutaneous flora. As time flies, pollution unbalances natural protecting cells causing accelerated aging and a dull, dry and irritated skin. To protect and help you,  I created 360° Cream, a must for urban people with sensitive skin. 360° Cream includes preventing, antipollution,…


      Light nourishing cream
      94% of natural origin ingredients

      Some skins are most sensitive than others and it is no secret. For those I formulated Sensitive Skin Cream, an ultra light nourishing cream without greasy feeling. Isn’t it cool ? Ideal for fragile, sensitive and deficient skins. For its formula I chose Shea Butter, first pressed Jojoba, Soft Almond and…

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