Sensual body care
      98% of natural origin ingredients

      Nothing is more unpleasant than feeling your skin rough and loose. Against this inconveniences, I developed the Crème Riche that softly melts on your skin to offer a sensual and nutritious veil of care. Its rich and voluptuous texture has been enriched with a vegetable wax complex that corrects lipid deficiencies…


      Body oil cleanser
      98.5% of natural origin ingredients

      Shower is one of the most enjoyable moments of the day except for your body when you use an unadapted cleanser. Many of those disrupt the natural protection of your body and create irritations and dryness. I developed the Huile Nettoyante to free your skin from impurities and to wrap…


      Body tanning enhancer
      97% of natural origin ingredients

      Lay in the sun – with an indispensable sunscreen – and having a divine tan is one of your favorite pleasures. This tanned complexion makes you look good and boosts your morale. What more ? Maybe extend this tanning as long as possible. I developed this satin finish Oil to repair…


      High nutrition body care
      98% of natural origin ingredients

      Sunburns, unsuited body cleansers, overly aggressive scrubs, and vitamin deficiencies are all factors that weaken the epidermis of your body and cause flaking, wilting, blemishes and redness. First high nutrition serum for the body, this treatment contains high concentration of natural vitamins A, E and D which contribute to lastingly…

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