Joëlle Ciocco, biochemist, cosmetologist and founder of Epidermologie®:

«  40 years ago, I understood that each face was unique and extremely vulnerable due to bad cosmetic hygiene as well as prevailing environmental conditions. Adventurous cosmetic choices, as well as city pollution unbalance your skin natural defenses and alter its anti aging functions.

This lead me to launch the Epidermologie® concept, and I created a Laboratory where I formulate cosmetics that take into account the best conditions for your cutaneous flora balance, as well as treatment techniques suited to your skin after applying a soft cleansing milk.

Does double cleansing mean anything to you ? I created it ! The secret to a radiant skin is to use the adequate cleanser at the right time and to its proper use. It is the very first beauty gesture to correct imbalances.

Ever since I keep working on my cosmetics and my treatments to bring harmony and maintain the right balance of your cutaneous flora which are the base of natural anti aging. »

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