Academy Joëlle Ciocco

Joëlle Ciocco Academy is opening: become an Epidermologist®!

This training is dedicated to beauty professionals who want to become better professionals and acquire the visionary expertise based on Joëlle Ciocco’s years long experience.

Epidermologie® is the deep understanding of each skin logical function and of its epidermis. A totally different approach based on deep cutaneous surface study and behavior in its prevailing environment. A specific innovative and technical efficient know-how. A guarantee of a careful and deep understanding.
All these specificities will contribute to help you become a reference in facial treatments and ensure the faithful preference of your clients.

Are you demanding? Do you target perfection in facial treatments? If so, participate to the new skin revolution and become an Epidermologist®!

Mail to: [email protected] enclosing your application file downloaded from our website.

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