Lesson 1 : A perfect cleansing!

Published: 10/26/2017
Category: Tips & Recipes

Lesson 1 : A perfect cleansing!

Since you’re back, you may have noticed some imperfections, dilated pores, pigmentary troubles…
Autumn is here and your skin needs to be readjusted to an urban environment.
You need to establish an accurate cleansing routine to boost the natural protection of your skin.

First thing to know: Any cosmetic you apply on your skin will be efficient if and only if, your skin is perfectly clean.

Consider that your skin is clean if:
-    It doesn’t have any imperfections
-    It has to be comfortable (it means moisturized)
-    It should not be oily
-    It must have a beautiful light

If all these criteria are checked, your skin is totally clean!  

How do I know if I clean my skin correctly?

1. Do you have a suitable cleanser?

-    I use a cleanser that fits to my skin, my environment, my cosmetics and my sunscreen.
-    I do not have redness after my cleansing
-    I do not have feelings of irritation and tagging

If you have answered yes to all these criteria, your cleanser fits you well!

2. Do you use it correctly?

Yes, I do if:
-    I only clean my face in the evening
-    I do a double-cleansing
-    I use the cleanser and the lotion of the same line
-    My cotton pad is white after use

Summary with good practices:

Use a suitable cleanser only in the evening and make sure to do the double-cleansing routine.
Double-cleansing is cleansing your skin twice in a row, using a small amount of product on your fingertips and apply it in circular movements. Your cleanser should be rinsed each time with mineral water or spring water.

The “Joëlle Ciocco addicts” already know, in the morning, you only rinse your face with mineral water or spring water. Then, apply your lotion (for instance, the Botanical Lotion, which is perfect to remove exudates from the night).

The double-cleansing needs to be followed by the same-range lotion (to avoid bad interactions between brands and optimize the synergy between the two cleansers).
For example, the Perfecting Lotion is made to be associated with all Joëlle Ciocco cleansers.

Your cleansing is perfect only if your cotton pad is white!