Pollution is the most devitalizing factor for your cutaneous flora. As time flies, pollution unbalances natural protecting cells causing accelerated aging and a dull, dry and irritated skin.

To protect and help you,  I created 360° Cream, a must for urban people with sensitive skin. 360° Cream includes preventing, antipollution, anti-oxidative stress, and anti-aging care.

A meticulous formula to preserve the power of its main ingredient : Saffron, the most pricey spice in the world that we yearly pick up from a small French producer.

Whole Saffron stigmas have been incorporated in our Laboratory thanks to a unique process to grant a maximum antioxidant benefit together with Black Cumin oil for its detoxifying and protecting properties. A Passion fruit seed oil is added to dynamize, matify and smooth cutaneous tissues.

Day after day your skin is plumped, smoothed, leaving your membrane firm and radiant.

My creams are made in small quantities in my laboratory to ensure the greatest efficiency of their active principles.

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