Whether they are genetic, sun-related, scarring or due to your age, the brown spots that appear on your face are not irremediable things.

To prevent and fight these disorders I formulated Mat Reverser: a complexion correcting treatment.

I chose young shoots of watercress that I encapsulated in liposomes so that they cross the layers of the epidermis to effectively target the pigmentary targets. This unique process limits the production of melanin disorders responsible for the appearance of brown spots.

I added a Tomato fruit extract and glycerin extracts of Centella Asiatica and Ginkgo Biloba to activate skin breathing, strengthen its protection and mitigate hypergimented areas.

After 3 months of treatment, the complexion is more unified and the pigment disorders are considerably reduced. 

My creams are made in small quantities in my laboratory to ensure the greatest efficiency of their active principles.

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