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Skin imperfections drag you down before heading to work or going out for a date. 

But did you know that the first gesture to reduce this inconvenience is to work on your skin flora (these good and bad bacterias living on skin surface) using the right cleanser? 

With my team of scientists, I formulated a purifying ultra-sensitive foaming cleanser for fragile skins.

A very specific antibacterial formula that corrects your skin flora : prebiotics and probiotics added to two flowers glycerinate extracts : Saponin and Marshmallow that are transformed in my laboratory.

Saponin is a soft naturally foaming cleanser and Marshmallow particularity is to ease the elimination of polluting particles disturbing cutaneous flora.

To those who read me, you know where to start if this is your problem!

My cleansers are made in small quantities in my laboratory to ensure the greatest efficiency of their active principles.

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Each evening Foaming Cleanser should be used twice during the Double Cleansing:

Once to remove make-up and urban pollutants and twice to cleanse thoroughly the skin.

How to use it?
Use each evening for an optimal action.

1- For enlarged skin pores: first moisten skin, then apply Secret Clear, foam and rinse. Repeat and rinse thoroughly.
Follow with Botanical Lotion.
2- For problem skins: use Secret Clear on a dry skin the first time and rinse thoroughly. Renew on a wet face.
Rinse thoroughly and follow with Botanical Lotion.


Tip for cleaning up the imperfections:

Use locally on your bad “spots” depositing a bit of the product at night and let it sit all night.

Rinse fully the next morning and follow with Skin Defensive.

Brewer’s Yeast (Poland) :
Probiotique naturel, riche en éléments nutritifs (Vitamines, oligo-éléments, acides aminés)
Marshmallow glycerinate extract (Europe and formulated in my laboratory) :
Emollient qui facilite l’élimination des particules polluantes
Saponin glycerinate extract (Europe and formulated in my laboratory) :
Nettoyant naturel aux propriétés moussantes
Oligosaccharide (Biotechnology) :
Boost cutaneous microbiota and have a prebiotic effect enabling to balance its flora
Lactic Acid (Biotechnology) :
Postbiotic: Balances natural skin pH and boosts cellular renewal
Vegetable glycerine (India) :
Humectant, retains water into the skin, protects skin shield


Aqua (Water)*, Coco-glucoside*(ultra soft cleanser derived from coconut), Glycerin*(vegetable humectant), Microcrystalline cellulose*(vegetable gelling agent – wood pulp), alpha-Glucan oligosaccharide*(oligosucrose obtained by maltose and sucrose enzymatic reaction), Glyceryl oleate*(biolipid naturally present in the skin), Saponaria officinalis leaf extract*(saponin), Althaea officinalis root extract*(Marshmallow), Saccharomyces cerevisiae extract*(Yeast), Tocopherol* (natura Vitamin E), Lactic acid*(sugar fermentation), Hydrolyzed gardenia florida extract*(natural coloring), Citric acid*(vegetable neutralizer), Maltodextrin*(probiotic potentiator), Salicylic acid*(preservative), Xanthan gum*(gelling agent), Sorbic acid*(preservative), Potassium sorbate*(preservative), Sodium benzoate*(preservative), Hydrogenated palm glycerides citrate*(emollient), Parfum (Fragrance), Citral**, Linalool**, Benzyl alcohol**

* From natural origin and/or certified Ecocert/Cosmos
** Natural components existing in vegetable oils, essential oils and/or perfumes
All oils are vegetable and cold pressed processed


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