Skin imperfections drag you down before heading to work or going out for a date. 

But did you know that the first gesture to reduce this inconvenience is to work on your skin flora (these good and bad bacterias living on skin surface) using the right cleanser? 

With my team of scientists, I formulated a purifying ultra-sensitive foaming cleanser for fragile skins.

A very specific antibacterial formula that corrects your skin flora : prebiotics and probiotics added to two flowers glycerinate extracts : Saponin and Marshmallow that are transformed in my laboratory.

Saponin is a soft naturally foaming cleanser and Marshmallow particularity is to ease the elimination of polluting particles disturbing cutaneous flora.

To those who read me, you know where to start if this is your problem!

My cleansers are made in small quantities in my laboratory to ensure the greatest efficiency of their active principles.

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