When you become an adult you may offer your skin a top anti-aging care. I see that with age, cellular growth slows down and face tonicity weakens, and quite often also your morale.

That is why I created Energizing Cream, an energetic anti-aging care to fight time clock.

A unique formula armored with Evening Primrose Oil and Shea Butter releasing throughout the day unique nutriments for an anti-oxidative age retarding action. I added to these active ingredients Licorice microcapsules, a powerful natural anti-inflammatory to boost anti-aging already existing in your cutaneous tissues. Cytokine power sits in the release of active ingredients acting increasingly thoughout the day .

Small lines are smoothed and regenerated, leaving your skin firmer and revitalized.

My creams are made in small quantities in my laboratory to ensure the greatest efficiency of their active principles.

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