The Joëlle Ciocco products
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The technology of scientific cosmetics had changed a lot. The development of galenic innovations in the formulation of active ingredients (active ingredients which provide the skin hygiene and protection) and in the prevention of skin ageing is subject to the constraints of the new generation of products.

These constraints include:
- Optimal effectiveness
- Safety of activity

The combination of these two factors leads to the achievement of a substantial progress in the packaging.

We had participated in this progress by changing the packaging of the whole line of JOËLLE CIOCCO® products because we wanted to improve the quality and the preservation of our products and guarantee the activity and the stability of the active ingredients.

Our products are protected from air and light in airtight pump bottles. When you use our products, one or two squirts are enough each time.

The products are presented in:
Pump bottles of 20 ml
Pump bottles of 30 ml
Pump bottles of 50 ml
Pump bottles of 100 ml

The results of this new packaging include:

  • Freshness of the product as a result of our double-pocket retractable protection system
  • The preservation of the active ingredients against the external environment
  • The ease of usage (travel, holidays, week-ends).

The products JOËLLE CIOCCO® have a shelf life of 48 months. None of our products had been tested on animals.

Keep the products away from heat, light, and sunlight (keep them in a place with a temperature between 15 and 20°C) so that the quality of the active ingredients can be well maintained.

As our products are always advised via a personalized cosmetic prescription, we do not provide any samples of our products.

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