The Ecosystem is the skin’s natural protection. That ecosystem may undergo many destabilizations with time.

The Epidermologist adapts and keeps the cutaneous Biodiversity balanced; The Epidermologist personalizes and reinforces a “High and Smart Cosmetology” shield.

Director of Research and Application of Laboratory
Consultant for worldwide cosmetics companies.
Creator of the brand and the concept JOELLE CIOCCO of high cosmetology, at the cutting edge of skincare.

JoŽlle Ciocco, biochemist born in Paris, has been devoting herself for 30 years to the study of the skin ecosystem: the identity of the cutaneous envelope and the existence and the maintenance of the skin ecosystem. She personalizes by means of cosmetology precursory anti-ageing treatments.

She created the Epidermologyģ Method, an authentic study that evaluates the skinís nutritional requirements thereby establishing the right kind of cosmetic products for the skin.

She draws her discoveries from the understanding of the interactions between the skin and the cosmetics, both in vitro and in vivo.

The genetics, the skin memory, and the environment are the foundations that cannot be ignored for the concept JoŽlle Ciocco and the Epidermologyģ Method.

Facing the reality of the globalization of laboratory researches of cosmetics, Joëlle Ciocco has a new way to approach cosmetics by personalizing their effectiveness and specific qualities appropriately to each person’s cutaneous ecosystem. Thus, according to the concept of Joëlle Ciocco, bad cosmetics do not exist.

This strategy leads to optimum results against many types of oxidative stress which damage skin tissues.
The uniqueness of this strategy is the link between the perfect knowledge of the objectives that need to be reached and suitable cosmetics; consequently, the cutaneous biodiversity of the skin ecosystem will not be polluted.

Joëlle Ciocco

joelle ciocco
Joëlle Ciocco

joelle ciocco
Joëlle Ciocco