Item: 6981G
Packaging:Pump bottle 30 ml
Composition in Active ingredients:
Apricot pit oil
Shea butter extract,
Passionfruit oil,
Red palmtree oil,
Evening primrose oil,
Bitter almond oil,
Essential wax of rose flower,
Blackcurrant flower and Narcissus flower,
Vitamin E,
SPF 20
This formula is composed of natural waxes, fruit oils, and flowers oils. Without any preservatives or emulsifying substances, Abriciol is a totally pure product. A subtle combination of essential botanical waxes and oils (nutritional wealth), Abriciol is an innocuous product for all skin types. It is also non-comedogenous.
When used, this gel meets the skinís essential requirements because it has an important supply in unsaturated fatty acids and essential fatty acids (A.G.E.). The vegetal waxes and oils penetrate, nourish, and protect the skin; they also rebuild the lipidic film of the skin under the best conditions and restore the fineness, the radiance, and the softness of the skin by their softening, toning, and regenerating properties. Moreover, as a result of the important supply of natural vitamins, Abriciol preserves the skin tissues from premature ageing.
Abriciol is an intense protector of the skin against such external factors as wind, cold weather, and water (sea or swimming pool). Furthermore, travelers love this product because it can be applied during flights or after a trip with sun exposure. It can also be applied after sport. Finally, it can be used as a lip balm. Abriciol contains U.V.A./U.V.B. : average protection
Morning or evening. In the morning, it is used as a base care. In the evening, it is used as a treatment.
Bonus of the product: This is a product with multiple uses for every skin type. As a result of its extreme purity, it is advisable to those who have extremely sensitive skins. It can also be used as a nourishing mask, an after-shave for men, or a skincare for children.