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Royal cream

  • Luxury care
  • Novelties
  • Anti-pollution care

New product

Harmonious balance between anti-stress and anti-aging treatment

Who is it for?

All skins especially for skins stressed by urban pollutants

Result :

Extraordinary regenerating power against urban pollutants, making skin brighter, firmer and denser
Reveals skin beauty by fighting against outside urban pollutants
Anti-aging essential making your skin daily boosted and smoother

Format : Airless pump dispenser
30 ml

388,00 €

Saffron (whole stigma harvest in autumn 2018): acts as antioxidant, destressing the skin and bringing serenity and well-being.

Nigel oil (black cumin): to fight various ambient pollutants and boost skin's natural shield

Pure rose water: to smooth, refresh and boost skin renewal

Morning and evening:
Massage with your fingertips in rotating movements accross the entire face including neck and decolletage and enjoy the relaxing smell of saffron and cumin to relax your features and act as a soft protecting and repairing cloth.

On a clean skin apply after Pure Botanical Oils Gel thus acting as a powerful skin well-being and anti-aging treatment.

Pairing products: