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Protective moisturizing factor

New product

Mattifying moisturizer for face and neck

Who is it for?

All skins and more particularly for those which tend to shine

Result :

Essential protection for your skin against urban pollutants
Protects and reinforces skin shield
Tightens skin texture
Maintains the moisture of cutaneous tissues

Format : Airless pump dispenser
30 ml

83,00 €

Ulva lactuca (Japanese seaweed): to moisturize and oxygenate 

Vitamin A palmitate: acts as anti-oxydant and reduces aging signs

Organic silicon: to tonify and revitalize

Avocado oil: to nourish and bring softness

After applying your lotion put delicately a film of this Protective Moisturizing Factor on your skin.

Tip for women:
Ideal for fixing your make-up

Tip for men:
Use Protective Moisturizing Factor to moisturize and smoothe your beard

Pairing products: