Joëlle Ciocco, épidermologueEpidermologue®

A new approach based on experience and background knowledge of the skin, this one-of-a-kind concept has shed a new light on cosmetics and their use.

Epidermologie® is a study of how the skin, and more specifically its “mantle”, behaves in each individual.

The cutaneous upper layer forms a non homogeneous ecosystem. It represents a balance between the “good” and the “bad” in the skin’s bacterial flora, which depends on its genetic, history, prevailing living conditions, heallth, climates changes, etc. All these factors undergo continual changes, causing the cutaneous flora to evolve and adapt.

The role of an Epidermologist is to evaluate and improve the harmony between the skin’s good and bad elements and to deliver the right skincare steps that will bring balance to its flora.

Beautiful skin, maintained in good health and immune to the signs brought on by the natural progression of time, is the ultimate goal of the Epidermologie® method.

Skin being much like our beautiful planet Earth, we must adopt the right attitude and measures to ensure that it evolves in harmony."