Joëlle Ciocco - LaboratoireLaboratory

At the helm of a French company with French expertise, Joëlle Ciocco is the talented personification of French cosmetic culture, which epitomizes customized luxury.

Founder of Epidermologie®, she is also a cosmetologist and the creator of an eponymous range of products.

Committed to retaining full creative control over her skincare treatments, Joëlle Ciocco never uses a lotion, serum or cream that has not been conceived, developed and manufactured in her own laboratory by her team of biochemists.

The laboratory is a genuine workshop for cosmetic artisanship where everything is "hand-made", according to specifications based on observation of her patients’ skin. All products are made of plants and are not tested on animals.

From raw material extraction to packaging in environmentally friendly bottles that preserve the formulas’ effectiveness, each creative step is meticulously carried out and monitored by artists and artisans who have worked for over twenty five years to promote this research and manufacturing haven with a human touch.

The constant attention guarantees the powerful performance and integrity of the skincare formulations, giving them a palpable luxurious quality, elegance and authenticity that embody the Joëlle Ciocco signature.